My Portfolio

Tech Startup

Black Wolf App: One of the fastest-growing and safest ride-hail apps in the U.S.

Health & Wellness Spa

CEO2 Health: A cutting-edge health & wellness performance spa in Hollywood, California.

Wine Collection

Palette Infinity: The rosé wine collection of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter. 

Men's Health

The Iguana Shot: Regenerative medicine company helping men achieve peak sexual health and performance.

Personal Website

Dr. Kristofer Chaffin: A Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Doctor, and Philanthropist with a passion to uplift others.

Ocean Security

Zeal GMS: Maritime security for Cargo Ships, Superyachts, and Oil Tankers navigating East and West African Oceans.

Medical Lab

Amnio Technology: An industry leader in the development and manufacturing of amnio-derived stem cells.

Plastic Surgery Clinic

Clinic Ibérico Nogueira: A prestigious Portuguese clinic focused on aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.


R3VOLVE HAITI: The Rapino Foundation is committed to protecting and nurturing Haiti's creative potential. 

Renewable Energy

VFH Turbine: Decentralized hydroelectric turbines that let you own, generate, and use renewable energy.

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