Project Details

Black Wolf App

Black Wolf App stands out as one of America’s fastest-growing and safest ride-hail platforms, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to rider safety and security. As both co-founder and head of brand marketing, I am deeply invested in the success of this venture. Through strategic initiatives, I’ve played a pivotal role in achieving remarkable milestones: 55 million video views across all social media platforms, 180,000 app downloads within a mere four months, and a loyal following of 580,000 users.

At the heart of Black Wolf App lies a distinctive brand identity characterized by its sleek, modern aesthetic, evoking a sense of sophistication akin to the allure of James Bond. This carefully curated image, coupled with cutting-edge technology, instills a high level of trust and confidence in our company—a key factor in our rapid ascent in the competitive ride-hail market.